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Delhaize Quai de Rome

Construction of a supermarket and its surroundings
Delhaize Group (private)
Programmes of this type are notorious for producing mundane buildings – devoid of interest at best, and often outright urbicide. Our vision goes beyond the mere cosmetic upgrade of the decorated shed, asking: How can the designers of a supermarket quietly succeed in weaving part of the urban fabric?

Situated in the middle of an elongated 180m long and largely paved city block, the project aims to improve the quality and permeability of the site, both for users of the building and for residents of the area.

In order to create a new public pedestrian crossing which splits the block, the existing building – which was due for demolition – is relocated to the edge of the plot. The new building helps to upscale a difficult zone, enclosed between high party walls.

The work on perception started with the roof is continued with the treatment of façades. They are marked by a series of pleats which enliven pedestrian routes along the alleyway. Wood is used throughout the project, from structure to façade. Cedar cladding, with variable rhythmic scansions and its warm materiality, offers an additional antidote to the mineral surfaces of the block.The interior of the shop breaks away from the usual practice in that special attention is paid to visual contacts with the exterior and the penetration of daylight, coming from the alleyway side and along the large patio at the rear of the building.
Confidential €
3.500 m2
2015: / 2015: Prix Belge pour l'Architecture (nominee)
Setesco, DTS
In association with
H+G Architects
More about the project
Ground floor plan
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Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome Delhaize Quai de Rome
Photos : ©Séverin Malaud, ©MDW, ©LAMCOL


Founded in 2001 by Marie Moignot and Xavier De Wil, MDW Architecture is now strong of 30 staff. Our ethos is to combine the highest standards of creativity and sustainability.

We are committed to offering design excellence to each client, either public or private and independently of the scale of the project. Each request is looked into thoroughly so that the solution reaches beyond the brief. The freshness of our approach has been recognised by several awards.

Building on many years of experience in low-energy and passive projects of the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable construction, we now integrate these principles in our schemes as naturally as structural engineering.

We see our relationship with our clients as a partnership, a continuous dialogue where everyone brings something to the other. Our interest in dialogue is also incarnated in the way our projects weave relations with their context and their occupants. We enjoy
managing wide and complex projects that require an enriching multidisciplinarity and where the architect acts as a conductor, whose global vision can guarantee the rightness of the music.

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